RV Bucket List Location: Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is one of those Awe Inspiring places that causes you to be in the moment. What made our visit really unique is that we didn’t boondock here, we didn’t stay at a nearby campground, we stayed at Walmart where we had a million dollar view of the Colorado River with endless hiking right outside of our RV!DSC_0041

We were coming back from a winter Utah trip where we did some Boondocking on BLM Land, visited Zion and Bryce Canyon. Our route had us coming right through Page, AZ which is where Horseshoe Bend is located. Sometimes we plan things extensively but somethings just need to be on a whim. I looked up and saw there was a Walmart and since we just needed a place to park for the night it was the perfect spot to spend the night.DSC_0044

We arrived at the Walmart just a few hours before sunset. Danielle was tired and wanted to take a nap and I took the time to go hiking at Horseshoe Bend for Sunset. Although you can see Horseshoe Bend from the Walmart I decided to drive to make sure I got there with enough time to scope it out and relax for a bit. I unhooked the car from the Tow Dolly and headed on the two minute drive down the road. When I arrived I was happy to see a large parking lot with a few RVers parked. One of the reasons we chose to park at Walmart is because I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to fit the RV but it was clear there was sufficient room.


After parking I headed on the short hike to “the spot”. The hike is well maintained and very easy. It’s also dog friendly.


Once it got closer to sunset more people started showing up. I wasn’t sure if I would have to post up on a good spot if a crowd came but there is no shortage of views here. The colorado river is truly amazing and it’s incredible how it has carved its way through the canyon.

DSC_0190_tonemapped DSC_0197_tonemapped

The next morning Danielle, Bailey and I headed over so she could see it. Many times I’ll do hikes twice because I hike fast but stop often and take “forever” as she says when I stop to take pictures. So I’ll go and get my photo fix out of my system and then hike back with her so we can have a relaxing time together.

DSC_0284 DSC_0321

Bailey is the most adventurous Pomeranian in the World!


Life is too short not to enjoy moments like this. Now get out there and plan your own adventure!

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