Shelling on an Island

You don’t have to twist my arm to go shell collecting on a tropical island surrounded by emerald green water. It’s one of those activities that once you do it, it’s easy to be hooked for life. If you’ve never done it, well, you may not have even known that it was a thing to do… We’ve met RVers in different parts of the country who do this regularly. Here’s one experience of an RV Trip that took us Shelling.

There are a variety of RV Parks across the country that are in or near areas that have niche activities such as shelling.


We wanted to get the best shells so we took a Shelling Boat Tour that takes you to an island to relax and get some shells. The boat had a good amount of people, I wonder how many were fellow RVers.


It was neat to see boats parked like cars on the road. They even had a Boat Tow Zone. DSC_0031DSC_0500

We got to see wildlife. At one point a Dolphin went right under the boat! Do you see the baby bird in the nest?


If you’re into photography, these type of excursions are perfect!


It was neat how they stopped at the island and let us out. They lowered a bridge to walk onto shore and we had a specific time we had to meet back at the boat.


There were a few other people who set up on the island.


These guys sailed out. It was cool to watch them sail around.


Walking on such a beautiful beach is so relaxing! The water in the gulf is warm and feels good on your feet.


There are a lot of shells on the island. We loved the standing where the gentle waves came in with new shells. DSC_0322

This really felt like a tropical getaway. The sound of the waves and birds was so perfect we didn’t want to leave. DSC_0332 DSC_0340

Then it was time to load back up and head back to the main land. DSC_0360

Danielle was pumped about her Sand Dollar. DSC_0401

We found some Reel Therapy on the water today. DSC_0432

These boats sell what they catch directly to the restaurants on the water. We ate at the restaurant in the middle of this picture. While we ate on the balcony numerous boats came in and dropped off their catch of the day. It was neat to see the process.


After the boat ride we headed to the FREE Sponge Museum. DSC_0475What a great day. Happy Camping!

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  1. Can you say exactly where this is? I want to plan this as our next trip! Looks so beautiful and I’ve never been to the gulf.

    • Hey Debra, it was in Tarpon Springs which is the Sponge Capital of the World. We went on the boat with a company called Spongeorama. It was really inexpensive, I believe around $15 per person. It was so beautiful!!!

      • Thank you! What campground? Was it the one on the river? Love following your blog!

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