Ditching the RV for the Big City

We ditched the RV to head into the Big City! Danielle gave birth to Ella on her Bday month (October) so shortly after Ella was born we wanted to have Ella’s first family vacation for Danielle’s Bday! We had been Yamping on my parents property in Princeton, MN while we had Ella. We wanted to head to Minneapolis for the weekend so we ditched the RV and opted for a Hotel.


This wasn’t just any hotel, it’s the Tallest Building in Minnesota! It was nice not pulling the RV into the city, but it was still a really tight squeeze for our Chevy to fit into some of the downtown parking garage spots.

FullSizeRender (12)

IMG_5390The room and customer service at the hotel was good. The view out of the window was absolutely spectacular!

Danielle wanted to go shopping at the Target Headquarters in Downtown MPLS which was just a few blocks from our hotel. IMG_5325

One of the things we love about MPLS is that most of downtown is connected through above ground skyways. You can head into town, park in a ramp and walk all over downtown MPLS without ever going outside.


It was really nice the day we were here so we did a mixture of walking the town inside and outside. Danielle did some shopping at the Nicollet Mall.

IMG_5467MPLS is known for having IMG_5413great restaurants. We made sure to use every use of our stomachs and ate as much as we could handle. This place had the largest bloody mary bar we’ve ever seen. People were putting eggs and chicken in their drinks!IMG_5422

IMG_5418The Juicy Lucy and Tator Tots are true Minnesota foods! They make their own spicy jelly to dip the tator tots in, it was unbelievable.

Many years ago I use to live in Minneapolis after college. I worked downtown and lived on the Mississippi River. IMG_5429It’s interesting to see how much has changed in the past decade. It’s still such a clean and beautiful big city. We look forward to coming back and spending more time here.

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  1. The thing I remember about staying in hotels with a baby was the numerous trips of unpacking and repacking the car. You guys must’ve done a much better job that we did because I don’t see a single swing, bouncer, or pack N play in your hotel room lol! 🙂 The food looks amazing!

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