Facebook Ads for RV Dealerships (Case Study)

I recently spoke with a large RV Dealership client of ours. We (Shorelooksnice) do the social media marketing for 13 of their locations. They’re part of the recent flood of clients who are significantly increasing their investment into the Facebook Ads we run for them.

It makes sense why they would upgrade, we’re getting highly targeted people to click to our client’s website from Facebook to get more information on an RV for just 3-10 cents per click.

I value your time so let’s just get right into it and then towards the end I’ll put in my plug about how we:

  • Have built one of the biggest and clearly the best social media company in the RV Industry (we may be a bit biased but have very compelling data).
  • Are the most specialized team of marketers in the RV Industry.
  • Save our clients 30% off the start by having low overhead. We started and built our company in an RV and having the team work virtually from their respective RVs saves you money.
  • We have unlimited content. So far in 2020 we’ve taken over 30,000 photos/videos in and around camping. That means our clients get way more marketing opportunities than our competition which of course equates to increased sales.

Facebook Ads for RV Dealerships

So here’s a case study of one of our RV Dealership clients. We also work with campgrounds, manufacturers, etc within the industry. The results are universal across all of our RV Dealership client’s social media Facebook Ads due to our experience and systems.

So here’s 4 real ads that are performing incredibly well for our clients that we’ll break down some of the reasons why they’re performing so well.

Specific Targeting Is Effective

People who actively participate in festivals are typically a unique and dedicated group. So if they see an ad about how convenient AND AMAZING it is to RV to a festival of their choice, obviously it’s going to grab their attention.

So on this ad we targeted people who actively attend festivals.

But wait, there’s more…

Let’s take it another level and get even deeper on our targeting. With Facebook, the targeting is better than anything I’ve ever seen.

If you think an ad like this with an authentic photo, a caption written from an RVer who visited the festival for an RVer who likes festivals; would perform well…

Than check this out; Facebook allows you to target people who have interest or have attended an oyster festival. That’s incredibly specific which creates optimum results. So we’re making sure all 79k in their area see this ad before expanding our geographic targeting on the ad and the total cost to reach all 79k with this ad is around $68. That’s around 87 cents per thousand highly targeted people reached.

Pro Tip: Many RV Dealerships will flood the targeting with keywords. Choose ONE! You can always test another ONE. The difference in a targeting keyword could be the difference of going from 5 cents to 10 cents. That’s DOUBLE the cost!!!! It’s critical to know which keywords perform the best and scale the ones that get the best returns.

Show Real Pain or Pleasure

Here’s another ad that’s crushing it. It’s geared towards tent campers who might be ready to make the jump to RVing and focused on the pain and inconvenience of not having your own self contained bathroom.

It has broader targeting with a much larger pool of people (1.7 million).

If you’ve been a tent camper you know it’s easy to connect with this common challenge around camping. This image, like all of our content is a 100% authentic photo of the experience we’re connecting with your audience on, building maximum trust.

So what type of results does this authenticity produce?

This ad is reaching 1,000 highly targeted people at just 90 cents. They’re clicking over to a landing page of “starter campers” who fit the right psycho/demographics for this ad at just 8 cents a click!!!

Oh and did we mention we have unlimited content for you so we can retarget people with a similar authentic ad to continue to crush the results for our clients like this one below that’s getting people to click to their website for just 4 cents a click.

Notice how this one touches briefly on some of the common pains but then also dives into the pleasure of the solution, them buying an RV.

“Edutainment” Is Powerful On Social Media

If you want to consistently outperform your competition you need to provide edutainment to your audience.

Entertain and educate the people that consume your content. People don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to, which is one of the main reasons traditional advertising is failing!

So make it fun, make it light hearted, make it so that they learn and engage into the world of RVing and want to indulge more… Talk about subjects that they care about, which means you need to know what RVers care most about!

This is something you can go a bit broad with on the keyword targeting and be very effective (like “camping”) but also get creatively specific (like “portable toilet”). Someone who is talking or posting about a porta-potty on FB is probably someone talking down on them and would love a nice RV Bathroom experience.

And at 3 cents per click to head out our client’s website to look at a list of RVs that have nice bathrooms, I’d say there’s a lot of people who value a nice bathroom while camping (or despise using campground bath-houses).

How Can You Grow Your RV Dealership’s Social Media Marketing Results?

If you’re looking to expand your results from social media marketing you have a few options.

  • You could find someone to build a team internally of marketing and RVing experts. Have you considered how much that would cost? How are you going to get content? You can’t get lifestyle content at the RV dealership…
  • You could hire a local or even a large national agency to do your social media marketing. Some are good and can get a result at a reasonable or high cost. Some are not and will take your money or get you into a contract and then produce poor (or no) results. The odds are great that the people actively working on your pages aren’t going to be RV Experts and won’t have the depth of experience to connect with your audience at an optimal level.
  • You could work with us and now I’ll break down a few reasons why we feel it’s a great idea for us to explore the idea of working with each other and how we’re your best option at increasing your bottom line results on social media.

Why Work With Shorelooksnice?

Results from Specializing in the RV Industry

We’ve worked exclusively in the RV Industry for the past 7 years. But we don’t just work in the RV Industry like our competition, our team LIVES the RV Life! The power of this for our clients shouldn’t be under-stated.

Every piece of content created, every caption and every engagement with your audience will be from an RVer and totally authentic.

That means we have total laser beam focus on social media and our industry. Which has allowed us to reach hundreds of millions of campers with marketing opportunities to a targeted audience for our clients.

Save Money for Your RV Dealership

Imagine walking in on the first of the month knowing that your entire social media game plan was already built, reviewed and scheduled by the top team in the industry! We’re on standby to handle/manage any comments, messages and reviews that come up in the day. You have total piece of mind and can focus on running the aspects of your business that you do best!

What would that cost you if you had someone with high level skill doing that in house for you? How about at a traditional marketing agency?

We have Facebook Marketing packages starting as low as $199. More value and less of an investment than our competition.

Of course that package isn’t for everyone, it’s a fantastic starting point for some as it’s aggressive and inexpensive. Most would fit better into one of the packages we offer with Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Ads at just $349.

In my opinion Facebook Ads are by far the best use of marketing dollars for most RV Dealerships. To see more information on our packages or about us click here.

Unlimited Content to Consume = Lots of Marketing Opportunities

One of the biggest challenges you’re facing as an RV Dealership with your social media marketing campaigns is content! It’s expensive to get quality content that will connect with your audience.

However for us and our team, it’s as simple as documenting our every day lives. If we want to create a post about a particular topic, we just do that activity and document it.

But the largest value of our content is in our archives. We have so much authentic RVing content that we’re able to give our clients high level and unique content for pennies on the dollar. That means you can utilize those real savings towards profits, paying the team a bonus, reinvesting into more marketing to crush your competition, etc.

If you’re curious how we can help you grow your RV Dealership’s sales through social media marketing click here for more information or contact me directly.


Still not convinced? Ok you drive a hard bargain…

To say thanks for reading this blog post I’ll go ahead and give an extra $100 towards Facebook Ads on any Plan B or higher.

I look forward to hearing from you and happy camping!

Eric Hannan



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  1. How do you monitor a post to ensure the recipient has approved the post being sent To social media?

    • Hey Mary, I hope you’re having an incredible day. I’m not sure I fully understand your question and I’d like to get some clarity. If you’re wondering if our clients have the ability to monitor our posts on their page, YES. All our posts are created and scheduled before the month starts. If you question is about approving one of your follower’s posts to your page, we have a system where we’re able to answer over 95% of comments/posts to the page. If there’s something technical or specific we will send our client an email immediately asking for them to response or how they would like us to respond on their behalf. I’ll email you this response so we can continue this dialogue and get more specific, thanks for reaching out!

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