Signs that you’re a coffee Loving camper

When the love of camping and the love of coffee comes together, it’s a wonderful thing. I remember back in my tent camping days it was a pain to get my coffee. As I reflect on my RV camping coffee drinking, I’ve realized there’s a lot of different scenarios that if you LOVE coffee, RVing can wake you up to a whole new world of coffee fun!

The Coffee Shop

Oh Jeepers I’ve been to a lot of coffee shops over the years. As a full time travel blogger we’ve sucked down on some java and swallowed pastries all over this country. It’s a blast to see all the different types of unique coffee shops.

Historical Coffee Shops

Coffee history buffs will love being able to RV to different historical coffee shops like the first starbucks. In fact you can get tours and even boondock there if you find the right historical coffee shop.

The Contemplating Coffee

Do you ever play this role, where you grab your coffee and just stand there, staring out into the campground and think about random stuff. Maybe do a little people watching of the people walking around with their coffees. It’s nice sometimes to stare aimlessly while deep in your mind with your coffee.

The Campground Diner Coffee

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a good ole fashioned meal at the campground diner. Once you’ve filled yourself to the brim enjoy some nice coffee to help avoid a much needed nap from your food coma.

The Explorers Coffee

Although exploring is exciting, it also can be exhausting. Between traveling, doing activities and being more busy/active than usual, sometimes you need a kick of coffee to put some pep in your step.

Random places are your friend. Enjoy whatever comes your way and be grateful for the type of coffee you get to experience, even if it’s not what you normally would indulge in.

The Morning Walk Coffee

The most convenient way to enjoy your coffee at the campground is to have it made for you in your RV when you wake up. With all the comforts of home, you can have your timer set and have the smell meet your nostrils as your alarm goes off.

Then join some friends or go solo on a scenic morning walk with your coffee. It’s a common thing that you’ll see for RVers, to walk around with their coffee around the campground…

The Coffee Campsite

For all of you crazy coffee fans a unique experience you should try is reserving the campsite that’s next to the coffee shop. If you book your trip during nice weather you could have the windows open the entire time and if the wind is heading the right direction you could fill your RV with the smell of coffee! What a rush!

Coffee At The Local Cafe

Find all the old timers at the local cafe and strike up a convo with them while you’re enjoying your morning brew. Make sure you’re there by 5:30am or you may miss the old farmers…

The People Watching Coffee

Love people watching? It’s a blast to arrive at a new area with a different culture than you’re use to, find a coffee shop with a fantastic window view and watch. I bet you didn’t notice the dog on the back of the motorcycle in the picture…

The Corporate Coffee

Do you have a particular national chain that you love? Look them up and go grab your favorite cup of coffee. Bring a couple back to the campground to heat up later in the day.

The Remote Worker Coffee

Are you an aspiring travel blogger or working while you RV/Travel? Maybe you’re taking a long weekend camping trip but need to keep up on some important tasks online. Find the local hipster coffee shop and grind out a few hours or quality work.

The Scenic Coffee

Imagine yourself sitting here enjoying a coffee with this view. You can enjoy coffee while your eyes pop out at the scenery too! Oh and if you’re wondering, this gem of a coffee experience is at the lodge in Grand Teton National Park.

The Specialty Coffee

Some local joints have specialty coffee or coffee concoctions. They can be fun to indulge yourself into the local culture like this one in a little mountain town. I got to hear some great stories of storms and adventurers that came through.

The Lodge Coffee

National Park Lodges are awesome. They usually are in some of the best locations in the parks where you can get information, take excursions, eat and DRINK COFFEE!

RV Dealership Coffee

Any time you’re near an RV Dealership you might as well swing on in, have a cup of coffee and window shop the New RVs. Shout out to one of our clients for the coffee. We do the social media marketing for companies within the RV Industry.

The Famous Coffee

Sit down in a historical seat and sip on your wake up juice! Places like Mickey’s Diner in St. Paul, Minnesota are full of old history. They even filmed part of the Mighty Ducks movie here.

So that’s quite a few coffee scenarios that you’ll encounter while RVing. What did we miss? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Lakewood Campground!! Love that campground. I thought I recognized the coffee shop and confirmed it by the logo on the window. Great place to stay!!

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