why upgrade from tent camping to an rv?

Are you a tent camper? If so you might have wondered what the joys of RVing entail and why people upgrade to RVs from tent camping.

As they say “there are different strokes for different folks”. Each person has their own set of reasons based on their circumstances but we’ve put together a list of ones that held true for us.

You Can’t Forget An RV

Have you ever been anticipating a tent camping trip to the lake with your significant other all week long. Friday afternoon you jet out of work and road trip to the campground…

You whip out the cooler & cornhole and play a couple games. Then it’s time to be responsible and set up the tent, only to find that you forgot the tent…

Pro Tip: Men if you REALLY want to upgrade to an RV but you’re Wife isn’t ready yet, try this technique. When they start talking to you again they’ll be ready to get an RV because you can’t forget to bring an RV…

You Like Brushing With A Sink

We were tent camping champs back in the day! Often the bathhouses were a long way from the campsite. It got a bit old to have to brush and wash your hands outside of the tent.

Now that we’re older and have a grip of young kids, we want the convenience of being able to have the privacy of having our own bathroom to do what we need to do, when we need to do it, how we want to do it (we sound like typical Millennials).

You Love To Cook (or eat)

It’s a lot more convenient to whip up a meal, cook a feast, or have food delivered to your RV than to deal with food while tent camping. Constantly dealing with ice melting, things soaked and leaking into the cooler water, being limited on food options, etc.

No Microwave = No Thanks

We prefer the same conveniences of having a sticks & bricks kitchen in our RV. Danielle can cook up her special Chili every fall and countless other incredible meals to keep us fueled for adventure. We make big batches and slap the rest into the freezer, can’t do that in a tent.

You’re A Camping Coffee Lover

Sometimes you just gotta have a fresh cup of coffee ready for you in the morning. It’s all about convenience. The storage of the RV allows you to keep your favorite type of coffee, brew it with your personal machine, and enjoy!

Maybe you’re in the Florida Keys at an RV Resort and it’s heavily humid out. Utilize your fridge with some cold brew coffee.

You Go Camping With Pets

Tent camping can be interesting with pets. Our old pomeranian was with us on countless tent adventures. It’s rare that she barks but for whatever reason she didn’t like noises outside of the tent and we had to deal with a little bit of barking. I couldn’t imagine a large dog in a small tent trying to get its way out when it’s closed up lol.

Then you’ve got to deal with dog food attracting bears and other animals towards your tent when you’re not in (hopefully). How about dog bowls in a tent, sometimes it would spill for us and was a pain…

There’s No AC In A Tent

So you’ve got young kids and you’re camping in a hot humid area in the summer? It’s one thing to be sitting on the beach with an ocean breeze and a cold drink, but once you’re back at your campsite tucked away from the breeze, you’re going to want AC.

A Tent Doesn’t Have Netflix

If the weather isn’t good after it gets dark, you’re not going to want to be hanging out around the campfire (unless you’re hardcore). It’s great to relax at the end of a day exploring with some popcorn and a movie.

Tents Are Smaller And Have Less Space

The tents I’ve always had were ones we had to duck a bit while standing. There’s just no comparison to the space that RVs offer compared to tents. If you have kids that need to get out their energy or people you want to be at least 10 ft away from, RVs are the answer…

RVs Have Better Windows

Seems like a small thing but it’s not. You’re typically camping partly for a great view, so do you want to have a clear view of that view you’re viewing?

RVs have you up higher, protect you from wind and debris, tinted to cut the sun’s brightness, and more so that you ultimately can enjoy your views to the fullest.

So that’s just some of the reasons to upgrade from a tent to an RV. Seriously we’ve been so happy with RVing even after loving tent camping for many years. There’s just no comparison…

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  1. Good points! I’ll add another: you like to stay dry. My theory (that I stole from my dad) is that if you’re tent camping and it rains, you’re going to get wet. 😊 And your point about tents having less space really comes into play if you get caught in a rainy spell.

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