9 Unique RV Travel Vacations

Vacations never should be boring; but if we’re honest with ourselves, some experiences are much better than others. So we’ve compiled 10 random unique RV Vacations that we really enjoyed, in hopes that some of you will also.

Surfing on the California Wine Trail

I think it’s pretty common to want an RV Vacation filled with wine and California Beaches. At the Thousand Trails Morgan Hill RV Resort you’re able to fully enjoy what California has to offer.


It’s located in the Garlic Capital of the USA (Gilroy, CA). Once you’ve stocked up on fresh garlic in town and ate at one of the incredible local restaurants, take the insanely scenic wine country drive to the Resort.

adventure pics (71)

The resort was great and kept the campers entertained with awesome amenities/activities like a heated pool and community events such as movie night.

RV Resort Activity, many rv resorts have activities for the family like movie friday

The campground is adjacent to 2 wineries and a short bike ride from many as it’s located directly on the Silicon Valley Wine Trail. So if you like wine tours or tastings, you’ll have a lot of fun.

The winery pictured is adjacent to the campground and we could see it from our RV. In fact our RV is somewhere in the trees in the background of this picture at the winery.

Fun fact: this winery use to be owned by the former CEO of Sony. Gorgeous property and good wine.

Pics (73)

If you’re looking to get a golden tan and hit some waves, Santa Cruz is just down the road. It’s a scenic drive through the forest to get to any of the iconic beaches in the area.

santa cruz surfing2

Dubbed “Surf City”, it’s a great place for all ages and skill levels. Do your research beforehand and select the surf spot that matches the experience you’re looking for. Some of the spots are protected in a cove from the large and very dangerous waves.


If relaxing with a view and eating some fresh seafood sounds like you’re thing, then you’ll find a lot of that here too.


Splitting The Distance with Bauers RV Resort

If you’re looking for the perfect place to have an experience in the middle of nowhere and be roughly halfway to both Zion National Park and Bryce National Park, well this is the place for you!

DSC_0040_tonemappedThis apple orchard was the view behind our RV. To have orchards all around you… Amazing!


The big attraction here is that it’s between Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park. There’s incredible hiking, off roading, horseback riding, etc all around the area locally as well.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon is pretty much insane. You can see a lot of Bryce Canyon on their scenic in and out drive. Stop as you go where you want at various scenic overlooks or hiking areas.

Bryce (17)

Hiking down through the hoodoos is an experience you’ll never forget. Navigating on different connection trails through this amazing maze of amazement…I joked with this couple that they missed the best light and they let me know they are retired and don't get up that early anymore

Zion National Park

Zion National Park is a very special place. Stunning views in every direction, countless off the grid hiking opportunities, and some of the most epic hiking trails in the country such as Angel’s Landing.

Our eyes are immediately drawn to the women on the bottom left of the photo below but what makes this scene really crazy is when you realize they are heading all the way up to where the lady in the blue is in the top of of the pic on that same trail just near the tree… If this hike isn’t on your bucket list, move it to the top 5 right now.

Would you Hike to the Top

Boondocking at the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

Boondocking at the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument was an insane and liberating experiences for us. You can be in the middle of nowhere, on your own with nobody but ourselves to rely on in an area the size of Delaware for up to 14 days for free!

5 Can you find the RV in this picture_tonemapped2

Sounds like fun? It is and keep in mind the outdoor activities at your footsteps. The hiking was absolutely unbelievable. Total seclusion in every direction. Animal tracks were all across the snow. The sound of the river rushing by our RV…

11 this was taken on the paria river at a free campsite found on the site we found it on

Working Off The Grid

Thanks to modern technology of RV Cell Phone Boosters I worked and was able to batch work offline like photo & video editing, along with some other administrative tasks when the signal wasn’t strong; and hammer out focused work when it was strong.

We travel with At&T, Verizon and Sprint internet providers in our RV. That allows us to have signal and stay connected in areas where we’re completely off the grid. What a cool experience.

18 Working Remotely is becoming widely accepted and popular. Many people utilize technology to stay mobile in some of the most scenic places._tonemapped

Visiting A Relatively Unknown National Park

Central California is a place that is highly under-rated as a place to visit in an RV. We understand why, you’re just outside of Napa, near the beautiful California coast, and relatively close to world class areas like Yosemite National Park.

The Hills of Hollister, CA are a great place for an RV Adventure

But what a lot of people don’t know is that Pinnacles National Park is nearby the town of Hollister, CA. It’s a fairly new National Park and I rarely see it talked about online. So we were SUPER curious how it would measure up to the “National Park” brand…


The San Benito RV Resort is nestled between the incredible beauty of central’s California’s hills and just outside Pinnacles National Park. These dog gates are incredible for being able to bring your dogs camping but not always have to walk them

Looking to hike or stay active at the campground? They have trails all over with pieces of workout equipment scattered out for you to stay fit during your stay.
Many RV Resorts have hiking trails to keep you fit and in nature on your visit

We found out a little secret about Napa Valley Wine while we were here… Many of the big wine makers actually grow or buy their grapes from the San Benito Valley. But since you’re not in Napa, tastings are free or very inexpensive and the quality is top notch.


Pinnacles itself is a wonderful place. Filled with caverns, caves and tons of climbing areas. The thing that stood out the most is that due to it’s remote location and it being a relatively unknown National Park, it was virtually empty. Awesome.


Hot Tub in the Snow Storm

Most people don’t think about RVing in the cold and snow, but it can be a pretty exhilarating experience. There’s a lot of great winter activities for RVers such as snowmobiling, winter hiking, ice fishing, skiing, etc.

RVs are great for camping in the snow. Plus you don't have to worry about dealing with crowds.

Luckily RVs have a good amount of storage for gear that matches all seasons because sometimes you can be chilling in relatively nice weather and a cold front comes in and dumps on you!


So we recommend you do what we love to do and head to the RV Resort hot tub. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be the only ones there…


Florida’s Emerald Coast

What if you could wake up to this view? You can, at the Emerald Coast of Florida! This amazing part of rural Florida is a gem.

Destin n Panama City (41)

White sand and beautiful water color are some of the biggest draws here. The sand stays cool in the heat of the summer and feels great to walk on the beach.

Destin n Panama City (8)

Fishing is great so you can reel them in and then cook them right up at your RV.

Destin n Panama City (6)

If you’re into charter fishing or boat tours, there are countless outfitters to give you the tourist experience you crave!

Destin n Panama City (23)

Camping at an Archaeological Site

Step out of your RV and find a few fossils (or lots). Seemed like a good idea when we decided to give this a try at the Peace River RV Resort. We had no idea what was in store for us when we went into the river to pan for fossils and then BAM!!

On our first try we found some fossilized shark teeth among some other fossils. What an incredible experience literally steps from your RV!

Finding Fossils (10)Finding Fossils (20)

After bending over your sifter looking for fossils, relax your back muscles in the hot tub or heated pool at the Resort.

Peace River (26)

Take a break from fossil hunting and head on out in a canoe. The resort even has people that will pick you up and take you upstream so you can drift/paddle on back to your campsite.

Peace River Canoe (3)

Camp at a Glacier Carved Lake

If you don’t have a house on a lake and want waterfront property (for a short period of time) then camping at the lake is for you! No HOA or hassle with home ownership.

I can’t think of a better place to camp on a lake than up north in the Land of 10,000 lakes (Minnesota). This was at the Fox Lake Campground up in Bemidji, MN.

Fox Lake (54)

In fact watersports are so prevalent up here that the campground even allows you to take out their kayaks and canoes for free.

Fox Lake (134)However most of the campers bring their boats and keep them docked here. If you don’t have a boat you can rent one. This lake is attached to a chain of lakes connected by a river that allows you to go from lake to lake exploring these natural waters.

Fox Lake (27)

Make sure you reserve some energy for the night. These parts have a tendency to put on a beautiful display of the Northern Lights…


Camping at the Border near San Diego

Want to camp near the border and watch people get chased by the border patrol from the back of your camper? Heck if you get bold and walk deep enough into the trail systems you can get picked up by the border patrol just like me!

FullSizeRender (15)_tonemapped

The Pio Pico RV Resort near the border and outside of San Diego is a great spot for rural adventure but you’re a relatively short drive to downtown San Diego.

San Diego (4)

The resort has lot of amenities and is located on a gorgeous piece of property tucked into the hills. You feel totally secluded in the mountains. Bring your wifi booster because your wifi is secluded also lol.

Pio Pico (130)_tonemapped

It’s pretty neat to be able to work off your RV deck knowing there’s nothing between you and the American/Mexican border (other than a mountain). Border patrol helicopters would fly very low directly behind our RV and all around these mountains scanning the area multiple times a day.


There’s a ton of great off roading. The campground is connected to the Otay Mountain Truck Trail which offers an INCREDIBLE experience from a jeep, 4 wheeler, biking or hiking. Takes you to the top of the mountain overlooking downtown San Diego, Mexico and the Ocean.

Otay Mountain (29)_tonemapped

A hidden secret is the Jamul Kiln ruins from the 1800’s is also connected to the campground… Incredible hike to a piece of history! It’s a nice hike and a quick bike ride along the fields and rolling hills.

Kiln (13)

And since you’re near the ocean & you know the weather will be nice, you might as well head on over and watch someone catch some waves (or do it yourself) at some point.

Oceanside (30)

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