Yamping at Mike’s

Yamping is Yard Camping. I googled the word to make sure that’s what it meant and all I could find is some guy named Yamping (I dare you to name your next kid Yamping). So I figured I would coin the phrase.

There are so many benefits to camping. Even if you can’t get away for the weekend, there is no excuse for most of us to get creative and set up camp at a home. Keep in mind once it’s dark, depending on where you are or your setup you may not be able to tell you’re at a house. And when you have a 2am bathroom need you’ll enjoy the comfort of being so close haha.

photo (39)

Hanging out with family is priceless. Since I moved out of Minnesota almost 10 years ago it’s been a challenge to see them as much as I’d like. One of our biggest reasons for traveling is for the opportunity to spend time with family since neither of us have family in California.

Our visit to Minnesota this summer gave us a lot of time with my Brother Mike. One of the games we grew up playing was duck hunt, as grown ups we shoot clay pigeons. It was exciting to see my wife shoot a 12 gauge shotgun.

p (43) p (44) photo (79)

Living out in the country allows you to have a driving range in your back yard.

photophoto (1) photo (4)

We fogged for Misquitoes to ensure it was a bug free evening.  photo (37)photo (38)

Danielle teaching the kids how to pick the perfect rasberry. Yamping allows you to have quality time with kids. photo (36)photo (35)photo (34)     photo (72)

Watching the Fireflies come out of the field  before our bonfire. photo (24)

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