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Our trip to Ohio was random and spontaneous. Many times the best adventures aren’t planned and you just have to “go with it”. This was one of those adventures.

When we first decided to travel in an RV I initially wanted to create a blog that would inspire people to travel and for those who can’t to enjoy the thrill and scenery brought to their computer screen. I thought our dog was pretty entertaining and people stop us everywhere we go with her to take pics with her so I figured I would build a blog around her so I created Then I realized, dogs can’t go everywhere humans can. What if we go to downtown Chicago, what if I go surfing up the California Coast, what if we go on a boat dinner cruise! So I then created In fact it was an intern who creatively suggested the name. (Thanks Annie)

I try to live life to the fullest which means I don’t have a lot of extra time to be blogging. But it was something I was committed to. I felt like there is a need for more young traveling ambassadors right here in America. It took many nights working until 2 am to get the Blogs created. I had a friend help with some social media and site building (Thanks Christina). I kept adding content to the blog as much as I could and then one day I saw an email.

It was about the blogs, a guy named Steve Holt who works for the 2nd largest RV distribution company in America (Coast Distribution) has plans to launch an RV cable tv show and he’s been looking for a couple to cast and felt like we may be a good fit. Steve and I jumped on the phone and after about 45 minutes both parties were very excited about the project and we were to fly to Ohio on an all expenses trip the following week to shoot the trailer for the show.

Danielle and I really didn’t know what to expect. We’ve never done anything like this but that’s one of life’s benefits, taking risks when opportunities come your way. The way we viewed the situation was; if something big comes of this woohoo, if nothing ends up coming out of it at least we get a free trip to Ohio and another adventure under our belts.

We woke up at 2 am the morning of the flight to Cleveland to get to the airport in time. Excitement wakes you up sometimes and I was pretty excited driving to the airport. Bailey was a show stopper at the airport. Everyone wanted a picture with her and I handed out some Bailey business cards.

When we got to Cleveland Steve who had just flown in from Tampa just before us picked us up in the rental. We headed immediately to Garage Creative Studios to get started. I was very impressed with the office of Garage Creative. It’s very inviting and creative. In fact when you go to the bathroom there is a big tv that plays constant clips of every single bathroom scene from the most popular movies over the years. These guys are absolutely top notch, they work with GE, Mobil, Mercedez, Mike Rowe, and many more big names.

photo (32)

After having lunch with the team, it was time to get started. One of the big questions was how would we film an RV show without our RV. They had one set up in the back yard of Garage Creative and were able to set up a staged camping trip. The first thing we did was an interview. It was a relaxed style of questioning. They did their research so they asked the right questions to get us talking.

DSC_0020DSC_0015 DSC_0018

After the interview Danielle cut up vegetables in the RV and we cooked them just outside with the Magma Cookware. With the induction burner we were able to heat up 2 cups of water to a boil in just 90 seconds.


I cooked up some steak outside.   DSC_0085

What would a camping excursion be without a campfire? The producer made this lawn fire, but it felt like a real campfire. photo (43)

We turned in around 11 pm into our hotel. Up early the next morning we met at Garage Creative around 9 for a full day of off site shooting. They loaded up the vehicles for our local excursion. We headed to Szalay’s Ohio Farm to see the Farmer’s Market. Someone asked if they could buy Bailey at the farmers market. Others thought she was a paid tv dog haha.

photo (33)   photo (45)

They were so hospitable at Szalay’s, the owner invited us to the corn field to see how the process is from the field to the store.  We got the ride back to the Farmers Market in the Corn Trailer. photo (52)photo (46)

photo (76)photo (50)

Szalay’s is located in the heart of the Cuyahoga National Park. We headed to a red bridge to play around in the water and watch Bailey swim.

photo (47)           photo (77)

This friendly guy came over because of Bailey. He had been a dog warden for over 40 years locally and wanted to pet her. We ended up chatting for awhile about photography. photo (78)

It’s not make up, it’s de-shiner haha. photo (11)photo (13)

At this point we are in a waiting period to find out if the show gets picked up by the Travel Channel, National Geographic, another network, or not at all. We’re excited to see where this takes us. photo (56)

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