Social Media is a Campfire

Big shifts in society pose big challenges for RV Dealerships to adapt so they stay in front of their potential customers. It’s no secret that we’re going through a MASSIVE change in our society on how people consume things. The mobile revolution is upon us.

We want to consume what we want, when we want it.

I’ve spoken to hundreds of Dealership owners, GMs and Marketing Managers and it’s overwhelming how rapid people are seeing diminishing returns on traditional advertising.

Take into account that our industry is booming right now, too many Dealerships are riding this wave of consumers wanting to buy campers and they ARE NOT positioning themselves for a downturn. History tells us that it’s inevitable that this boom will dry up for awhile and we will see a pull back. Luckily, that doesn’t mean you have to see a pull back in sales, you just need to adapt your marketing. 

If Advertising is Fireworks, then Social Media is a Campfire

Let’s use a simple analogy to explain the difference between traditional advertising and Social Media.

We spent July 4th RVing to the DC area and were able to enjoy the incredible fireworks show at the Nation’s Capital. There were A LOT of people and you had to make sure you got there early to enjoy a good spot. Good fireworks draw in people for miles. 

Fireworks grab attention.

As people sat around waiting, you could see people get restless and start entertaining themselves by playing with friends & family, on their phones, or whatever to pass the time. As the fireworks started, they grabbed everyone’s attention and people stopped what they were doing to watch.

It was big, bright and bold. The good ones make you go “Oh and Ahhh”. 

July 4 (6)

If you bring in the professionals (like in DC), fireworks really light up the sky. If you don’t have a big budget or want to do it on your own, most fireworks are prepacked.


All you have to do is light a firework and stand back. They get people talking about them for days. It’s so easy that everyone is doing it.


Fireworks burn very bright but die very quickly.

You need to keep lighting fireworks to keep people interested. Which is expensive.


It’s an arms race. Bigger, brighter, louder, MORE!

A Campfire is VERY different.

It has very different disciplines and tactics.

As a full time camper, I can tell you that building a good Campfire takes time and you need to know what you’re doing. It also takes time to get good at them.Justins Cabin (50)It might even go out, but you have to keep trying.Princeton (197)

It might be a bit lonely at first.DSC07584

But then a few friends gather around.481887827_f8975dabf1Then a few more. It’s where people like to hang out and share.233621595_adf37f470e

Grow you Campfire.

A few of your friends start helping out because people LIKE helping with campfires. Family Time (8)More friends, more wood, bigger fire, more friends.Frente-al-fogón

Now you’ve got yourself a Bonfire!

If you have an amazing Bonfire, a few fireworks can attract more people to the party.DSC_6917From a small fire you can end up with something pretty amazing.
img_3233If your fireworks are great, stop people from disappearing by getting a good ol’ Campfire going. But remember, putting fireworks in a Campfire isn’t a good idea.

Lighting Your Campfire

If you’re attempting to sell to campers, you need to light a campfire to attract them to your dealership. I’ve put in A LOT of time and resources studying the current state of social media in our industry so take the time to check out some other resources I’ve put together for your benefit.

My goal is to earn your business as we have the knowledge and resources that you need! We work with small dealerships all the way up to some of the largest in the country. All different markets and customized budgets.

Our biggest advantage for our clients is that we’ve been able to put together a team of social media experts who are also FULL TIME RVERS! So when we create content/posts, we know how to connect with your audience; because we ARE your audience! Nobody else in the world can provide that expertise and authenticity for your dealership.

Additional Resources

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Most importantly, check out our packages and educational videos by clicking here.

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