big sur rv

Mistake #37, driving through big sur with a fully loaded RV. Big sur is absolutely beautiful. DSC_0248Since we’ve camped here before we opted not to stay in Big Sur but I wanted to drive through it on our way to Santa Cruz. The scenery was epic, but so was the fuel cost! Read More

rv solvang

Located about 15 miles outside of Santa Barbara is the city of Solvang. It’s one of the most unique cities I’ve ever been to. All the buildings look Danishrv parking in solvang and the city is very tourist friendly. They even have an RV parking lot on the main street at the police station.

We parked and walked around the downtown area. There are 2 things that are prevalent in this town, Bakeries (danishes) and Wine Tasting rooms from local wineries. Read More

RV Designing Spaces

We were lucky enough to be on the TV show Designing Spaces for our RV. The show will air August 14 and September 19. We went to Rancho Oso RV Park in Santa Barbara. It’s a cool little spot hidden up in the mountains above Santa Barbara just 15 min

RV Mountain Viewfrom the beach and 10 from the city. We mis-judged the gas guzzler and the light came on just as we were charging up the mountain. We made it and just before the 11 pm cutoff where they lock the gates and don’t allow people in after hours. We got a spot with a great view of the mountains. Read More

Towing our Mazda 3

Towing a Mazda with RV

We couldn’t imagine not having our car while RVing. Not only does it get around 40 mpg compared to 8 in the Sunseeker but the accessibility to epic locations is the deal breaker for us. After all, what is the point of traveling the country if you don’t get to see the good stuff? We moved so quickly on getting the RV that we didn’t think about pulling the car until after it. In preparation for the trip we would work every day at our regular jobs and then I’d be up until 12-2am working on doing research and preparing for the trip. One night my heart sank because I read an article that you can’t “flat tow” a Mazda 3 because it would ruin the front end. Then I found out there are only certain vehicles that you can flat tow which is why you mostly see Jeep Wranglers being pulled behind. Manual rear wheel drive required. Read More

Hello San Diego! It’s always great to spend time with good friends. Over the years Bill and Leighanna Richards have been a photo (18)big part of our lives. All 4 of us have been in each other’s weddings, but that’s the formal end of it. The memories we’ve shared, the times visiting each other, the camping, etc has been such a blessing in our lives.

After catching up a bit we went to one of the nicest restaurants in San Diego, it’s onphoto (29) the roof of a Lexus Dealership. Great views, excellent customer service and incredible food! Read More

The first day of the adventure was a bit hectic. I knew it was going to be a big day so I started my day going surfing in Newport Beach, CA where we live. photo (26)The first big wave that came at me and I tried to paddle through it with my Longboard but it flipped me and the fins on my board cut my hand up pretty good which slowed down the process on carrying things from the house to the RV. Read More

My Wife and I are headed on an adventure that will take us across the USA. We spontaneously purchased a house on wheels (a 27 ft Class C RV) and heading out on June 1 on the biggest adventure of our lives! The RV purchase was much smoother than expected once we figured out what we wanted. We started looking in the 5-10k range of RV’s and our concern was that we may be buying other people’s problems. I know people who have had RV’s last forever, however common sense would suggest odds are in your favor to purchase something new since it is a literal house bouncing down the road… Once we found out what we wanted we realized we were going to have to make a larger commitment financially towards this endeavor.  Because of all the research we did online, thought and discussion we were able to make a snap decision at the first dealership we visited. It was Mike Thompsons RV Super Store. Forest River Sunseeker Class C
They are the number 1 selling RV dealer in all of So-Cal and for good reason! The customer service was excellent from the moment we stepped into the massive lot. Inventory is not an issue here, they are really bank rolled so we knew we’d find something that fit our needs. Read More