Green Lake in Minnesota is photo (30)one of the Princeton area’s best fishing lakes. We were happy to hook up with Dead Zone Guide Service to take us out fishing for the day! Another major bonus is my brother Mike was able to join us on the lake with his Kayak. Read More

Spectacle Lake

Spectacle Lake is located just east of Princeton, MN. It offers great boating and swimming. I grew up swimming here but the swimming area I use to visit has been shut down for many years. Near one of the boat accesses there is a public swimming area that doesn’t have a sandy beach however it is very well kept and costs just $3 to park. Read More

Bean Hole Day

Of all the reasons to bring people together one of the most interesting traditions is Bean Hole Day in Pequot Lakes, MN.

They lower huge amounts of beans into a hole in the ground and cook them. Then thousand of people show up to eat the beans and celebrate the festivities. My brother Adam was chosen to MC the event as he’s a local radio personality. Basically he got to get up on stage and tell fart jokes! Read More

Big lake is located just north of Minneapolis and is a great spot to cool off. Many of the over 10,000 lakes in Minnesota don’t have large public sand beaches. Big lake offers traditional MN boating but also has an incredible beach. It’s just $5 per vehicle to park for the day. Read More

Breezy Point

July 4th is a great American celebration. Breezy Point Minnesota is a great place to be this time of year. They were celebrating the 20th year of “Elvis” singing to a crowd of people overlooking the lake.

We met up with myphoto (23) brother Adam at his home in Brainerd and had an incredible feast with his family. His wife Christina is an incredible cook. We headed to breezy point. We stopped in Nisswa, MN to get some candy for the kids. The local shops in Nisswa are great for tourists to stop in and get some shopping done.

Breezy Point is known for it’s beauty among other things. we found a great spot near the water where the kids could play on the sand and we could listen to Elvis from our chairs. They put on a great show and we highly recommend it for families. Read More

I LOVE road trips across the country. We parked the RV at a storage unit in Morgan Hill, CA and took off in the Mazda for my home town of Princeton, MN. Read More

Santa Cruz is one of my favorite cities. It has such a cool vibe and time seems to slow down here. We stayed at an RV Resort just outside of Santa Cruz and it’s conveniently located being in between Monterey and San Francisco with many adventurous places in between.

The Morgan Hill RV Resort is a typical morgan hill rv resortthousand trails campground. The big surprise to us was how great the location was! It’s in a very scenic valley surrounded by beautiful wineries, just north of Monterey, close to San Fran, 17 miles from hiking in the redwoods, one mile from a lake,  and of course near the beautiful beaches of Santa Cruz. Read More

We had a nice date at adventure pics (92)the end of the pier on Capitola Beach. This place had a boat theme and the pier rocks with the waves. This is the same spot that the Tsunami hit in 2011.


adventure pics (86)The restaurant has great views of the boats in the harbor as well as the cliffs. As the sunset went down we watched the fisherman pack up their catches and take off. Inside the restaurant they have pics of massive humpback whales that have come right up to the restaurant and came out of the water. It’s really a great fishing town. Read More

Surfing in Santa Cruz

You can’t visit Santa CruzCowells Beach RV Surfing without surfing. It’s one of the most iconic surfing cities in the world. Even if you aren’t a surfer Cowells Beach is rated the #1 surf spot in the world for beginners. It’s also a popular spot for long boarders because it offers long easy waves to have fun with. It’s located right at the Santa Cruz Pier which makes it conveniently  Read More

A Big Bug Scare

bug bite scare I had a big bug scare. I noticed a spider bite developing quickly into a blister. I didn’t see the spider but I knew we were in an area with some pretty nasty spiders. My left hand went completely numb as the swelling and blister grew. We put cold packs on it and although it was very sensitive to the touch it looked as though the worst was behind us. I woke up the next day to a numb working with bug bitehand and a swollen wrist. The bite itself was large and you could easily see the fang marks of the spider. I had done quite a bit of research and knew there were Brown Recluse spiders in the area so we knew what to watch for in the next 3 days to determine if it was a brown recluse bite but we still weren’t in the clear with the symptoms I was having. I went to a local Spider expert and he said “it’s either a wolf spider or a brown recluse, either way it’s going to get a lot worse before it spider bite santa cruzgets better.” (he’s been bitten by both). He was right about getting worse before getting better… When I showered that evening the warm water softened up the bite, which was not good because the first time something rubbed up against it it burst and caused A LOT of pain!!! I would consider myself pretty tough but WOW that was painful. It was a wide open hole for a few days but then ended up healing over. The worst part is I was in Santa Cruz and couldn’t surf haha! Read More