Thousand Trails Verde Valley RV Resort Review

Have you ever been in an area that was so great that you didn’t even care if you stayed in a less than ideal RV Park?That’s how we felt about the Cottonwood, AZ area. Luckily for us the Verde Valley RV Resort was equally as great as the area! Here are some of the reasons we found this place to be one of the best RV Resorts we’ve stayed at.

This was our view when we first arrived at the Resort.

Verde Valley RV Resort


This wasn’t such a big deal to us because we were so busy enjoying the EPIC areas surrounding the RV Resort and we didn’t even scratch the surface of what’s around here in the 3 weeks we stayed. However it’s still really impressive what they have put together. They have a heated pool, nice hot tub, a restaurant, pool tournaments, pickle ball, basketball, karaoke, dancing, arts & crafts, wii bowling, and so much more I can’t list them all. The people who stay here seem to have a great sense of community within the RV Resort. The wifi was pretty decent here and there was great cell phone coverage.

DSC_0399photo 3 (33)

Verde River

This RV Resort is right on the Verde River. It’s a beautiful river with lots of hiking and wildlife. Our RV was parked at the entrance to one of the hiking trails and we took this often. Many times we would see deer and other wildlife while hiking the river’s edge. It was a fantastic place to walk the dogs. DSC_0072photo (1)photo (4)


Yes, Sedona is as beautiful as all DSC_0325_tonemappedthe pictures you’ve seen in the magazines. We came here a few times and really enjoyed this small picturesque town. It’s a quick 20 minute drive from the RV Resort so we came here on a date one day and also to go hiking another day. The restaurants are fantastic and the hiking is absolutely incredible. The red rocks surround the town in every direction and there are endless hiking trails. Many of the restaurants and hikes are dog friendly.

2 who wants to be here 4 hiking in sedona on an rv trip DSC_0301_tonemapped


Jerome is America’s Largest Ghost Town and is also a big mining town. It’s really neat cause it’s also the most vertical city in the country.

DSC_0140_tonemapped2DSC_0110_tonemapped DSC_0146_tonemapped_2edited-1


Just a little bit south is Phoenix. We visited this area and bought our puppy Zoey from a fantastic Pomeranian Breeder.

23 So Many Pomeranians!Who's ready to Boondock near a Cactus


We also stopped in and saw our good friends Gareth and Heather who are about to get married in June.

18 RVing has allowed us to visit so many of our friends across the country. This was whle visiting our friend Gareth in Arizona

Back at the Campground

It was really refreshing to see people that were hired to clean up the campground. It already was a very clean place but probably because of their efforts.

A crew came through cleaning up the campground. It's great to see well maintained RV Parks.

We went for our daily run and one day we popped into the main building to get some water and happened to see our article in the Trailblazer on the Magazine Rack.

photo 3 (27) RV Photography Tip Who wants some Salkmon

Gotta love a good Sunset at the Campground

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