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One of the best things about RVing that I think isn’t talked about enough is family time. When I was working as an executive out in Southern California I hardly spent any time with my family in Minnesota.

It was expensive and while I was there often my mind is back on my life in California or I’ve got a team I’m running that I need to check in on how the performance is going, etc.

Now, we’ll just pull our house up and park in my parents yard for a few months and Yamp (Yard Camp).

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I was recently asked by someone who works at an RV Dealership, what my thoughts are on the RV Rental Business.

I have some experience in this field, I’m a full-time RVer and my company does the social media for a few RV Rental businesses and many RV Dealerships that offer rentals.

More and more companies are popping up on the rental side of the RV Business, but why? What’s up with the RV Rental Business?

I think it’s a great addition to the RV Community and that it will most likely become a big part of the RV Business.

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What is Boondocking?

If you’re not familiar with the term Boondocking, it’s to camp without hookups. To be totally reliant on your RV to provide everything you need on its own. It’s also commonly called dry camping.

It’s total modern-day freedom to many people. There’s a great feeling of adventure when you’re heading off the grid to live for a week in some remote location that you’ve never been. Odds are good you’ll run into some type of challenge and have to navigate through it in a super scenic location. That’s healthy for our minds and more importantly for our spirit.

Most RVs are equipped with everything you need to enjoy a comfortable experience while you’re in the middle of nowhere. Which means you can enjoy all the benefits of being in nature and hiking through the forest, but still be able to Netflix movies and relax at the end of the day.


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Do you want Million Dollar Views in every direction FOR FREE?

The Alabama Hills in California is a place of wonder. Because I wonder why we don’t visit more often!

It’s insane that places like this exist and being RVers with the flexibility to work remote, it’s a dream come true. Located just outside the beautiful small town of Lone Pine, CA is this rocky area. The best part is you’re able to stay here for up to 14 days FOR FREE!

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Death Valley National Park is a wondrous area and truly a highlight of the beauty of America. The name is for good reason, it gets HOT and DESOLATE in the summer, reaching temps above 130. It also has an incredibly beautiful side. Nature is thriving out here, you just have to look a little harder to find it.

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San Diego RV Resort Review

If you are looking for a sunny 72-degree day on the west coast, the San Diego RV Resort delivers everything you need to have a big city or beach adventure in your RV.

The San Diego RV Resort

It’s located just a little bit inland in a bustling area. Plenty of entertainment, food and outdoor options nearby. Of course, the big city of San Diego and all it has to offer is a big attraction. Read More

The Escondido RV Resort (owned by Sunland RV Resorts), is located just north of San Diego near the beautiful Southern California Beaches. It’s a place filled with people enjoying the perfect weather of the Greater San Diego area.

It’s more than just an area with incredible beaches; you’ll also find excellent shopping, food and entertainment like Legoland and Sea World.

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The Campground

The Natchez Trace RV Resort is located in Hohenwald TN. You’ve probably never heard of this town cause it’s in the middle of nowhere and is very rural. It’s also LOADED with history and offers remote beauty for prime outdoor activities.

We were able to enjoy a variety of weather while we were here to see what the place was like in the warmth and even got to experience some frigid temps and beautiful snow covered forests.  Read More

One of the top questions we get from people is how do you stay connected to the internet while traveling in an RV. We’ve been on the road over 4.5 years full-time, started and run our business exclusively from the open road while RVing.

Technology continues to increase and has significantly improved over the past few years as far as coverage and signal strength. We often take for granted the conveniences and advances in technology that allow us to do some pretty incredible things such as working virtually anywhere you want in this beautiful country of ours. Here’s how we do it… Read More

When Ella became a one-year-old, it was time for us to figure out what was going to be the best bike seat for our child. We wanted something that would be safe, not take up a lot of space, and ideally something that would allow us to interact with them as we rode the bike.

Danielle took on the challenge of doing some extensive research to find out what is the best bike seat for young kids. She stumbled on the WeeRide.

It had overwhelming positive reviews!

So we went ahead and ordered one and had it shipped to the campground we were at. We’ve tested it all over the country in all different conditions and have put together our thoughts on the WeeRide Kids Bike Seat.

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