Whenever I’m in my bathroom and take my clothes off, my shower gets turned on…

Heading out camping for a week in an RV doesn’t mean going without a shower for a week. One of the great things about RVing is that you are able to have all of the conveniences of home while traveling to your favorite destinations. When you’re looking at purchasing an RV it’s important to know the differences in your RV Shower options. Read More

Our Campsite in the Florida Keys

The campsites here are full hookup, big enough for large rigs, and most of them have views of the water. While there are palm trees scattered around the campground it’s pretty much a flat field of hookups for people to come and enjoy a piece of paradise.

Keys (101)

They have other options if you don’t have an RV and if your friends have an RV and you don’t, you could rent one of these villas or they also have travel trailers that are pre-setup so you can just pull up and head right into your temporary RV. It definitely helps to build the excitement when you’re driving around to find your campsite that you see people kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, etc…

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We really enjoyed our campsite and with the wonderful Florida Keys weather I really loved being able to sit outside with my morning coffee and watch the sun come up. Although this only happened a few times because I couldn’t resist sitting there when I could toss a line out and catch some fish.

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We absolutely LOVE the Tampa/Clearwater/St Pete Beach area. The beaches are absolutely gorgeous, the sand is soft and cool to the touch, and there are incredible restaurants on the water (we mean INCREDIBLE).

Fort Desoto (31)

Many years ago I lived in Tampa for a year so it has a soft spot in my heart and I know the area VERY WELL. It was the first place I moved outside of Minnesota and I wanted to make sure I took advantage of such different place from where I grew up. While I lived there, almost every weekend I would go somewhere new to explore.

Now that we’re traveling and Florida is obviously a hot spot for RVers in the winter, we’ve made a visit to this area quite a few times. Every time we always leave saying how much we loved it and want to come back again! Read More

Newly built in 2018, this RV Resort is state of the art and a very unique campground. It’s beautifully built directly on the Intracoastal Waterway with a complete setup to give you a Glamping (Glamorous Camping) experience in North Myrtle Beach.

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When it comes to RVing, there is no such things as one size fits all when you’re talking about enjoying your vacation.

Different strokes for different folks

We don’t always agree on the types of things we want to do and experience.

I like a more off the grid and rugged experience with a lot of outdoor backcountry adventures.

Danielle likes to experience luxurious camping with all the Resort Amenities.

We’ve found that RV Resorts near rugged areas are the perfect compromise for us. Here’s a few of the RV Resorts we LOVE! Read More

I speak with A LOT of RV Dealership owners, GMs and Marketing Managers about their marketing campaigns/strategy and one thing I’ve noticed is content and influencer marketing is severely under-utilized.

I’ve also noticed that the dealerships who are doing a good job of this are very happy with the results and most are doubling down on their efforts in this area for 2019.

While I’m writing this the sun is about to come up over the KOA that we’re staying at. We’re doing a marketing campaign for them that involves both Content and Influencer Marketing to grow the sales of this campground.

glamping in glacierI started reflecting on many of the ways we’ve influenced people to buy through our content or campaigns we’ve worked on for various companies over the years. Companies need content to connect on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Blogging.

Influencer Marketing is one of the most effective and under-rated forms of marketing for the RV and Camping Industry. Rather than talk about how it works in theory, I figured I could just show you some real-life examples of how we influenced people to purchase stuff on Social Media, even examples of people who purchased $100k+ unit. Cool? Read More

Do you ever wonder if someone is ever going to run up in your home, take your stuff and use your toilet while you’re camping?

You’re not alone. A lot of campers have the fear of having the time of their life on an RV Vacation and getting the dreaded call that their home was broken into and ransacked. That would spoil the mood real quick…

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My company does the social media for a home security company in Texas, so over the years, I’ve learned some ways to help keep your home safe while you travel in an RV.

Live Streaming to Your Phone

doorbell-app-videoThis is the biggest tool you have to have piece of mind. Technology now makes it easy and inexpensive to have live streaming directly to your smart phone.

In fact, now it’s common to have video doorbells. When someone approaches your front door, it alerts your smartphone and you can watch the live video. Better than that, you can interact and speak to them! Read More

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P Town (40)

One of the best things about RVing that I think isn’t talked about enough is family time. When I was working as an executive out in Southern California I hardly spent any time with my family in Minnesota.

It was expensive and while I was there often my mind is back on my life in California or I’ve got a team I’m running that I need to check in on how the performance is going, etc.

Now, we’ll just pull our house up and park in my parents yard for a few months and Yamp (Yard Camp).

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I was recently asked by someone who works at an RV Dealership, what my thoughts are on the RV Rental Business.

I have some experience in this field, I’m a full-time RVer and my company does the social media for a few RV Rental businesses and many RV Dealerships that offer rentals.

More and more companies are popping up on the rental side of the RV Business, but why? What’s up with the RV Rental Business?

I think it’s a great addition to the RV Community and that it will most likely become a big part of the RV Business.

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