Shore Looks Nice


Being  full time RVers has a lot of benefits. One of those is that we can head up north in the warm months and head down where it’s warm year round in the winter. I guess that would make us a snowbirds?

Traveling constantly has it’s challenges, one of them is finding a trustworthy boarder and groomer for your dog. Online reviews have been a great way to get a feel for what our dog will go through while visiting. We were very lucky to find Blue Dog Boarding and Daycare to give The Traveling Pomeranian the spa treatment she deserves! They were recognized as the Best of Best for Dog Boarding and Daycare… Read More

Needwood Lake is located in Rockville, Maryland. It’s great for hiking, fishing, or mountain biking. The walking/biking path around the lake is well kept and most of the way you have a great view of the lake. There is little elevation gain so it’s a hike anyone can do, even The Traveling Pomeranian.