Have you ever been at your campsite and needed to go grocery shopping or had a craving for a specific restaurant but didn’t want to leave the campground? We were faced with two situations that caused us to lean on the new wave of home delivery, to our RV!

Scenario #1: Grocery Shopping

Have you ever needed to go grocery shopping but you just didn’t want to take the time or have the energy? You really need some cheese dip for the Doritos that are sitting in front of you but you only have bean dip left, not cool. Time to use the local grocery stores app and order that cheese dip to be delivered to your RV.

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It’s my job to stay on top of what’s going on with the social media changes that affect the RV Industry.

Instagram made a major move to compete with YouTube. We think it’s so powerful that we’re immediately putting 3Xs more resources towards Instagram for our clients.

A couple reasons your dealership or campground needs to be on and consistent with Instagram: Read More

What floats your boat? Often for RVers, it’s heading out onto the water to enjoy a wonderful water experience.

Although we’ve seen a few rigs pulling boats behind their RVs, most people don’t bring their boats with them on their camping trips. Luckily, there are a lot of great options. Here are just a few: Read More

Have you ever wondered how a company can be run completely from the road in an RV? We started, built and manage our company from our RV and wanted to share a bit of insight for aspiring digital entrepreneurs to hopefully give some practical tools that could help you with your business.

We run one of the largest social media companies in the RV industry. In fact, our entire team are RVers, and almost all are full-timers, which gives our clients a huge competitive advantage. The best part is that with today’s technology, we can all enjoy working from the freedom of the open road.  Read More

As I’m writing this we have the RV Parked in Storage. Danielle’s parents have a timeshare that they pay each year and have used it a couple of times in the past ten years. I wonder how common it is that people sign up for vacation packages and then fail to utilize them. Read More

SPOILER ALERT: I had an in depth conversation with my Facebook (FB) Rep and we have real answers to this big challenge for RV Dealerships. 

You may have heard about the new Facebook Algorithm Change. I have to admit that I’m part of the problem… Read More

Most people think of RVing as a great way to get out into nature with all the conveniences of home, and IT IS. But it’s so much more than that. Here are just some of the things to do while RVing in America.  Read More

Biking is one of the favorite activities of RVers. It’s also one of the most accessible as you can rent bikes, bring bikes with your vehicle, haul them in the Toy Hauler, or on a bike rack. Although we LOVE biking around the campground, one of the highlights of our journey has been experiencing some INSANELY amazing bike rides. Here in no particular order are some of the best (and we’ve done A LOT). Read More

It’s not always easy to get up and get outside. Especially before the sunrise. But that’s usually when the magic happens. There’s something special about the sunrise, where everything comes alive in front of you. After exploring different adventures while Full Time RVing I’ve learned quite a bit about setting myself up to experience those “special” moments. Here’s a few tips on how we maximize our outdoor adventures.  Read More

Every year we make it out to Delaware to spend time with Danielle’s parents at the beach. This year, we decided to take a different approach and the girls flew out while I booked it across the country in the 5th wheel (driving long distances with a baby isn’t fun).

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