Picture1It’s that time of the year again. As summer comes to an end, so does RV season for many people. But, before you hang up the keys for another winter, check out this guide to ensure you properly prepare your RV for hibernation. How you prep and store the RV greatly affects its longevity and ensures that everything is ready and operational for the following spring. Shorelooksnice and Road & Home have partnered up to come up with a conclusive checklist, with a conclusive checklist, including winterization, maintenance, and as an added bonus, top tips from. Read More

There was a fluke major storm that rolled in and covered the campground with ice the day before we were scheduled to arrive. The campground called us and let us know nobody was getting in and out due to the icy road to get into the RV Resort.

North Carolina (70)

Since we had a new baby and had gotten back to the RV after visiting Danielle’s family we weren’t fully packed and ready for Boondocking. We made a last minute decision to get a hotel. I called to see if they had parking available for our RV and luckily they did! In fact, oddly enough we weren’t the only RVer who parked and stayed at the hotel that night.

It sure looked funny to be having breakfast in the hotel and seeing our massive 5th wheel directly outside the window lol. Read More

It’s FOOTBALL SEASON!!! Being a hardcore Minnesota Vikings fan, full-time traveling has made it a bit of a challenge to watch their games. Not for the same reason as it’s been a challenge to watch a Cleveland Browns game, but because the Vikings games might not be available in our RV when we travel.

If we’re in another area of the country, they’re going to be playing their local team.


So how do we watch our favorite NFL team while we travel in an RV?

It’s easy when it becomes playoff season, because the Vikings are beasts and of course going to make the playoffs and probably going to win the Super Bowl this year… BUT during the regular season, we’ve found a few ways that have worked for us to be able to catch (pun intended) the game while traveling in an RV. Read More

We were only supposed to RV for 6 months… 4.5 years later, we’ve lived in 43 states and have no immediate plans of stopping. You could say we’ve learned a few things over the years and we’d like to pass on some insight that may or may not be useful for your situation.  Read More

Who Are We And How/Why Can We Help?

We’re a bunch of RVers who happen to be social media nerds. In fact, the company was started, built and managed all from an RV. Or rather, from RVs, as we’ve grown our team of campers who are social media experts.

Last year we were able to reach over 50 Million Campers on Facebook for our RV Dealership Clients. We have duplicated that system for Campgrounds, put it to the test and proven the system works over and over again. Now it’s up to you, if you stick with this strategy YOU WILL increase sales! Let us know if at any point you have a question or hit a challenge we might be able to help you overcome. Read More

Mother nature can be a beast and when you’re in an RV, there are some advantages and disadvantages when you’re dealing with storm safety.

Potential Storm Safety Threats


We’ve had a pretty intense lightning scare in the past which caused me to do extensive research on this subject. Luckily, most RVs will keep you safe from a lightning strike.

Here’s an article I wrote about lightning strikes in an RV that breaks it down in more detail. Read More

Where should I go when I visit Minneapolis!?! As full-time travelers, we get asked that question a lot since we spend every summer in Minnesota AND I used to live in Minneapolis in my early 20’s.

Here are our top suggestions of where to visit and what to do when you visit Minneapolis. Wherever you go, whatever you do, make sure you embrace the Minnesota Nice culture and HAVE FUN! Read More

Have you ever been at your campsite and needed to go grocery shopping or had a craving for a specific restaurant but didn’t want to leave the campground? We were faced with two situations that caused us to lean on the new wave of home delivery, to our RV!

Scenario #1: Grocery Shopping

Have you ever needed to go grocery shopping but you just didn’t want to take the time or have the energy? You really need some cheese dip for the Doritos that are sitting in front of you but you only have bean dip left, not cool. Time to use the local grocery stores app and order that cheese dip to be delivered to your RV.

Read More

It’s my job to stay on top of what’s going on with the social media changes that affect the RV Industry.

Instagram made a major move to compete with YouTube. We think it’s so powerful that we’re immediately putting 3Xs more resources towards Instagram for our clients.

A couple reasons your dealership or campground needs to be on and consistent with Instagram: Read More

What floats your boat? Often for RVers, it’s heading out onto the water to enjoy a wonderful water experience.

Although we’ve seen a few rigs pulling boats behind their RVs, most people don’t bring their boats with them on their camping trips. Luckily, there are a lot of great options. Here are just a few: Read More