Going Back to Cali

We loved our time on the east coast with Danielle’s family. Now it was time to zip back across America to get back to our RV in Cali and continue the RV Life.

“The journey is my home.”

The Traveling Pomeranian always gets excited for our next adventure. Whenever we pack up our bags she runs out to the car and waits next to it for us to open the door. Sometimes for a big trip it takes us up to an hour pack the car. She refuses to get out of the car. She waits for us to be done packing so we can get on the road.

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This is always a good way to start a trip. I pulled out of the driveway and noticed that we were out of gas and the car said we had 0 miles till empty. The light comes on in vehicles when you should have around 50 miles left to go. But hey, at least it was the cheapest gas on the trip!

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We were really impressed with the beauty of Western Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Especially since the foliage started changing colors.

Bailey fell asleep for hours sitting up on Danielle’s shoulder. It was the cutest thing!photo 3 (2)

When people are driving long distances, many people eat fast food because of the convenience. As much as I love a good double cheeseburger; if you are looking to save time, money and eat healthier it’s always better to pack some food. I’ve found Tuna in the packet is a fast way to get some protein. We also bring a loaf of bread to make peanut butter and honey sandwiches. As constant travelers, we keep plastic cutlery and paper plates in the car because you never know when you’ll need them.
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One of the few states I haven’t been to yet is Colorado. I had high expectations and the beauty of this state didn’t let me down. We stayed the night in Denver. i70 goes through some extremely scenic areas just after Denver. It continues to be scenic following the Colorado River until you leave the state. The pic below was a scenic rest stop at Georgetown Lake just off the i70. You can’t tell from the picture but the freeway lines this lake on the left side behind the yellow trees. This was our view from the spot where we parked our car. DSC_0049

The Traveling Pomeranian loved her scenic bathroom break. DSC_0041

Trout were leaping out of this lake constantly. It was crystal clear and you could watch them swimming around. This fly fisherman was catching good size trout. There were a few RVers that were parked in the same area. They started chatting with us because they thought Bailey was so cute and one of them had 2 Pomeranians of their own. DSC_0056

You can rent cabins along the shoreline.


Back on the road. We keep Bailey’s bed on our center console when we travel in our car. She loves to sleep there because she is in between us and she can also see out the windshield if she wants. Vail is popular for skiing but it was really beautiful this time of the year. The foliage was very yellow and it has great mountain views. photo 1 (6)

My favorite spot in Colorado was in the city of Grand Junction. Colorado National Monument was awe inspiring. It was one of those random stops that we didn’t expect anything out of. In fact we were looking for an exit to do a bathroom stop and switch drivers when I saw the sign for Colorado National Monument. We have a National Park Pass and since I’ve never been to a dull National Park or Monument I knew it had to be something special. It’s just off the freeway and immediately after we entered the park there were big horned sheep blocking the road. photo 2

They have an RV campsite over looking some incredible deep valleys. All different types of hiking trails from short walks to long strenuous hikes. I will be back when we have more time to hike alongside these giant cliffs in the valley. DSC_0122

photo 2 (1)

photo 4 (8)  DSC_0132

I just picked up the Gopro suction cup and had to try it out on the trip. I didn’t use it nearly as much as I should have but still was impressed with the steadiness of the shots. DSC_0148

Bailey thought she was going to get a turn driving, we had to let her down gently. photo 2 (9)

We got into Moab, Utah just before sunset. It’s one of the coolest adventure towns I’ve ever seen. Arches National Park is just a few miles north of town. There are a lot of outfitters who provide 4 wheelers and mountain biking. The town was bustling with outdoors people. We went to the Moab Diner. It was busy with bikers, hikers and adventurists. The service was excellent and the food was even better!

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We opted to sleep in our car in Arches National Park so that I could hike Park Avenue before sunrise. It’s the best hike in Arches. The best way to do it is to have someone drop you off at Park Avenue and pick you up in Courthouse Towers. This was the view from where we slept, incredible! DSC_0174

Park Avenue is like walking among massive sky scrapers in a major city. The only difference is the sky scrapers are rocks and there are no other people. Danielle dropped me off and headed to the end point. I had the entire valley to myself. The pic below was the beginning of the hike which gives you a gimpse of what’s to come but it’s tough to understand the massive scale of these monoliths until you do this epic hike. DSC_0182


We drove the entire length of the National Park hitting most of the scenic spots that are accessible less than a mile of the road. Most of the hot spots are just a few hundred feet from the road. DSC_0355

Arches NP lives up to its name with all the massive arches. The sheer size of these rocks are impressive. DSC_0389


Balance Rock was pretty unique. DSC_0523

They were shooting an adventure movie. It was a big production. They had a fleet of vans and SUVs full of equipment and people hauling them to the spot. DSC_0600

There were some local Indians selling their wares. DSC_0624

After 5 days of traveling and seeing the sights, it was nice to be back in the RV in California! In fact we were in Wine country with Wineries adjacent to the RV Resort.

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