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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Orange County is famous for many reasons, but the biggest attraction is the beautiful people… Totally kidding, it’s the beautiful beaches! I’ve had the pleasure of visiting every single beach and cove in the OC. Whether your visiting in a hotel, an RV, or you live in the area; here’s a guide to the Best Beaches in Orange County, CA. 

For most people purchasing an RV is a daunting task. There’s just so much to know, so many options, and so little time in our busy lives. If you’re considering purchasing an RV, in the RV industry, or are already RV owners this is a must read!!!

We were looking for the Ultimate RV Trip to Orange County. Since we lived in The OC for around 8 years before traveling, we knew that the Newport Dunes RV Resort was the PERFECT place to soak in some rays and catch some waves.