Monthly Archives: September 2018

We made a last minute decision to get a hotel. I called to see if they had parking available for our RV and luckily they did!

Being a hardcore Minnesota Vikings fan, full-time traveling has made it a bit of a challenge to watch their games.

We were only supposed to RV for 6 months… 4.5 years later, we’ve lived in 43 states and have no immediate plans of stopping. You could say we’ve learned a few things over the years and we’d like to pass on some insight that may or may not be useful for your situation. 

Who Are We And How/Why Can We Help? We’re a bunch of RVers who happen to be social media nerds. In fact, the company was started, built and managed all from an RV. Or rather, from RVs, as we’ve grown our team of campers who are social media experts. Last year we were able to reach over 50 Million Campers on Facebook for our RV Dealership Clients. We have duplicated that system… Read More

Mother nature can be a beast and when you’re in an RV, there are some advantages and disadvantages when you’re dealing with storm safety. Potential Storm Safety Threats Lightning We’ve had a pretty intense lightning scare in the past which caused me to do extensive research on this subject. Luckily, most RVs will keep you safe from a lightning strike. Here’s an article I wrote about lightning strikes in an RV that… Read More