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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Being Full Time RV Travelers we live a very unorthodox life. People are curious about this lifestyle and how we fell into it. We’ve been asked countless times how we started our adventure and since it’s such a common question we decided to share our journey in hopes to inspire and entertain.

Imagine walking out of your RV and watching snowmobiles flying down the track at 150 mph… except that’s it’s in the summer! Located in Princeton Minnesota, the Outlaw Snowmobile Grass Drags was one of the most unique RV Adventure’s we’ve been to.

Being out in the country where you can’t see your neighbors feels so free. Being RVers we have the opportunity to seek out this freedom whenever we want. Which is part of why we wanted to spend a good chunk of our Summer in Central Minnesota.

When I tell people I’m from Minnesota, I get a huge range of responses. It seems the further away we get, the further away from reality people think of Minnesota. Is there still snow in the summer? Are you guys part of Canada? Do people really talk like Bobby’s World? So what’s it really like to take an RV Trip to Northern Minnesota? We set out to capture what it’s like to… Read More

Life is so much better when it’s filled with Adventure. We wanted to go 4 Wheeling in an incredibly scenic area, so while RVing in Northern Minnesota we met up with my best friend Justin and his family for a Fun Filled 4 Wheeling Adventure.