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After we purchased our Heartland Road Warrior 425 we had to make it feel like home.  We often walk or ride bike through RV Campgrounds to check out the other setups and RVs that people have. Everybody has their flavor of what their makes their RV a “Home” on wheels. As I was listening to Danielle tell me about her vision of our RV, I noticed how this unique rig made their… Read More

Trip Advisor ranked Siesta Key Beach the #1 Beach in America in 2015. We wanted to find out why so on a recent RV Trip to Florida we headed over to this unique beach. Danielle’s parents were visiting so they joined us on the adventure.

RVing has many food benefits. It allows you to enjoy different food experiences and cultures, but also to have the conveniences you would at your traditional home kitchen. With some planning and preparing, you can maximize your food enjoyment on the open road. Here are our RV Food related tips:

A good friend of mine got married in Florida. Being fully mobile we brought our home on wheels to the occasion. There was only one problem, we have a 44 ft Toy Hauler and there wasn’t an RV park with availability near where the wedding was at. We had a choice, to drive back to Orlando from St Pete Beach after the wedding (almost two hours), or to stay at a hotel…. Read More

We are currently Yamping (Yard Camping) at my parents house for a few weeks. A huge thunderstorm rolled in at night earlier this week and BOOM, lightning violently struck a pine tree less than 150 ft from our RV. It was so intense it reminded me of tent camping (get it, “In Tents”).

Hey Campers, are you ready for a rare and exciting night outside by the campfire?

I’ve lived in a house for 30 years. I’ve done the 9-5, I’ve been an entrepreneur living in Orange County. For over a year now we’ve been living on the open road in an RV traveling across America. We started in a small RV and a few months ago upgraded to a huge beast. Looking back at the contrast between living in a house vs an RV there are some definite advantages to… Read More