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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Today we got a new neighbor in our Florida campground. It’s a nice guy who has been Full Time RVing for 20 years. Now he rides in style in his pimped out “Gypsy Hilton”. He knows a thing or two about being “Hot”.

For many people, RVing involves enjoying time at the lake, river or ocean. This puts you in a great position to get out boating. Some RVers pull their boats behind a Class A or Class C RV. Many RV Parks offer boat, canoe, kayak or even jet ski rentals at very low rates as they aim to please their guests. Here are some of the different flavors of activities for you to… Read More

When you are a Full Time RVer you really get to know what works for you and what doesn’t in the RV you selected. This knowledge helps you move forward to adapting to something that fits your needs more accurately.

Danielle and I are coming up on our 1 year anniversary of being on the road full time. It’s been the biggest and best adventure of our lives. Today I was reflecting on our experience and the pre-travel life that we lived. I couldn’t imagine going back to that life. The Road Less Traveled has been filled with freedom and incredible experiences. Here are our top 7 reasons you should hit the… Read More

Have you ever been in an area that was so great that you didn’t even care if you stayed in a less than ideal RV Park?That’s how we felt about the Cottonwood, AZ area. Luckily for us the Verde Valley RV Resort was equally as great as the area! Here are some of the reasons we found this place to be one of the best RV Resorts we’ve stayed at.

So you just bought a new 5th Wheel, Travel Trailer or maybe you bought a Class A or C and are going to be pulling a Tow Dolly.  Are you ready and prepared to tow it out on the Open Road? Here are just a few tips to consider before heading out so you can safely get to your destination.

Sometimes in life you stumble upon some of the best experiences by accident. The Grand Staircase Escalante is 1.7 million acres of BLM land. When we decided to head here we didn’t know much about it other than we could stay for free and that it was a huge area. It turns out it is a beautiful area with extremely difficult terrain and a remoteness that is rarely equaled in the lower… Read More

We were big time Bikers before we hit the road full time. Not the type that fly down the road specifically for exercise, but we biked almost everyday in Newport Beach down the boardwalk with our beach cruisers to go out to eat, enjoy the scenery, even to the grocery store! But that’s in a small surfing community where you can get around everywhere you need by bike, in fact finding a parking spot with… Read More

Let’s face it, a bigger RV will hinder you from going to certain places like big cities. Having a car to take you on day trips or into the big city is a great way to see and experience new places. We use a Tow Dolly that we pull behind our Class C RV. We purchased it for around $1,000 and it has helped us travel on day trips in our car… Read More

Boondocking is an adventure. It’s one of our favorite things to do while RVing. There are some things we’ve learned by research and some the hard way to increase the level of enjoyment out of our Boondocking Adventures. Here are some of our tips to enjoy your time “off the grid”.