Monthly Archives: January 2017

Life is short. I believe if more people knew the type of experiences they could enjoy while traveling in an RV, way more people would do it. Whether you’re looking to pack up and hit the road full time or just be weekend warriors; here are some of the reasons why YOU NEED TO RV!

A Surfer’s Paradise Paradise alert! The drive here is spectacular, and that’s just the beginning… Indian Beach in Oregon is one of the state’s gems, and that’s saying a lot. Ecola State Park is absolutely stunning. It’s so lush and green that it almost doesn’t feel real. The road in is a little narrow when you pass cars coming the other way but it’s top notch when it comes to the scenery. I… Read More

Danielle and I both had never been to Portland. She wanted to get away for a long weekend and have a vacation from our vacation lifestyle. I figured it would be a nice change and I always enjoy experiencing a different form of the travel industry (hotels). We booked a hotel in Portland using CheapTickets. Before any vacation, the dogs can tell when we’re packing and they sit by the luggage, just… Read More