Monthly Archives: May 2016

Anza Borrego is California’s largest State Park. Each spring the Wildflowers bloom in a big way, covering the landscape. I met up with my good friends Brandon and Veronica to explore this amazing desert in search of the Spring Wildflowers.

You can’t start a Border to Border RV Trip without starting out at the border! Danielle and I are embarking on a 6 month journey up the west coast from the CA/Mexico border, all the way the Washington/Canada border. 

Saguaro National Park wasn’t on our radar of places to visit. In fact, we didn’t even know it existed. We were heading across the country to San Diego and after driving all day we decided to park it at a Walmart in Tuscon Arizona around midnight. On the way to the Walmart we noticed the National Park signs and after a little research, it turns out it was right around 5 miles… Read More