Monthly Archives: May 2015

RVing is adventure, pure and simple. Throw some fishing into the mix and you’re headed for a really good time. We headed from Arizona to Northern Texas to visit Lake Texoma. The goal of our trip was to catch a big Striped Bass. Although we may not have caught “The Big One” we were able to catch a “Big Texas Blizzard”. 

When I hear the word RV, I think of adventure and opportunity. Adventure because you can live out your dreams, opportunity to grow and experience new or interesting things. I can’t imagine a more adventurous opportunity than to take day trips while RVing in Florida to rent a boat and hit the beach!

RV Parks have a huge variety of things to do to entertain their customers, but sometimes it’s fun to do something outside of the RV Park or Resort. Many times a simple walk in the park is all you need to find adventure.

Experiencing History is a great reason to RV. Sometimes you stumble into historic places that you didn’t know had significant history, which makes the RV Adventure even better. That was the case when we visited our friends Mike and Neena in Waveland, Mississippi.

The Emerald Coast has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It’s known for it’s sugar white sand and beautiful water color. This makes it a fantastic RV Destination. There are many great RV Resorts as well as some Boondocking Locations for smaller RVs. We took a recent trip to the area and wanted to share our experience in hopes to inspire you to take the journey to this incredible place. 

Glamping is “Glamorous Camping” and it’s a hot trend right now. We’ve found that Glamping in an RV is the perfect way to go, especially for full timers. You get all the benefits of Glamping with limited downside.

We were recently in Florida purchasing a truck to pull our new 5th wheel. While we were at the dealership there was a guy walking around in the scorching heat in a sweater. Danielle joked “it must be laundry day…”. We laughed about it but most likely she was right.

The Peace River is one of the premiere fossil hunting spots in the country. We were camping here for 2 weeks in Wauchula at the Thousand Trails RV Park and I kept seeing people sifting for fossils in the Alligator infested waters. I didn’t understand how awesome it was until one of my neighbors came over and shared with me that within just 2 hours they found around 50 fossils! They found shark teeth,… Read More

Canoeing is a great way to relax in a scenic nature setting. My dad use to race canoes so naturally my two brothers and I grew up loving the sport. One of the major benefits of RVing is you get to make friends with like minded people and enjoy the activities that you love.

Dogs are fantastic companions! They enrich our lives, make us smile and increase our overall happiness. But what about puppies? Yes they’re cute, but they are work. They can also make you lose your mind if not properly trained! We recently got a Pomeranian Puppy and people often comment that they are blown away at how well trained she is for being just 4 months old. Training Zoey in an RV has… Read More