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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Nevaeh’s favorite thing on the planet is to ride horses! So this summer she signed up to be in a horse competition at the Bemidji Fair in Northern Minnesota. There were two big challenges with this. We had planned on traveling to other states this summer and weren’t going to be in MN Since we were going to be traveling so much, she wasn’t going to be able to practice for the… Read More

Most RVers are very patriotic. It’s tough not to be when you have the freedom to travel around this beautiful country! So it’s a no brainer that a lot of RVers choose to make Washington DC a destination on their travels. We headed out to spend about a month in the DC area.

Yamping = Yard Camping. Being full time RVers, we catch ourselves Yamping every few months for a variety of reasons. It’s a great time and allows us to enjoy situations more than we would if we were staying off-site.

When we left Florida after being Reverse Snowbirds, we headed up to Delaware to visit Danielle’s family. We went to an area that Danielle spent a lot of time at as a kid in Rehoboth Beach. Although we traveled all across Florida, this was our first multi-state trip in the Road Warrior. I was excited to see how it drove long distances with a variety of road conditions.

Florida is the place to relax at the beach. It’s also a great place to get some work done. As a Travel Blogger, sometimes I want to mix things up and get out of my beautiful office (we converted the toy hauler into a nice office space) to immerse myself into a beach bar while I work.While we were in Florida we spent a significant amount of time traveling to different beaches… Read More

Chances are that if you’re an RVer you have caught yourself being awe struck by the stars in the sky. At times they are so bright, so prominent that they dominate the landscape. This country is full of places where the night sky can take your breathe away and make you think about a higher power or even aliens for some… But how do you capture a moment like that with your… Read More

Have you ever wanted to take a camping trip to a tropical island? To wake up and dip your toes in the soft white sand, collect pastel colored sea shells on a palm tree lined beach is truly paradise. That’s the exact experience we were looking for when we visited Sanibel Island while being a Reverse Snowbird in Florida. Danielle’s parents were on vacation while we were RVing in Florida and joined us… Read More