Monthly Archives: July 2014

Santa Cruz is one of my favorite cities. It has such a cool vibe and time seems to slow down here. We stayed at an RV Resort just outside of Santa Cruz and it’s conveniently located being in between Monterey and San Francisco with many adventurous places in between. The Morgan Hill RV Resort is a typical thousand trails campground. The big surprise to us was how great the location was! It’s in… Read More

We had a nice date at the end of the pier on Capitola Beach. This place had a boat theme and the pier rocks with the waves. This is the same spot that the Tsunami hit in 2011.   The restaurant has great views of the boats in the harbor as well as the cliffs. As the sunset went down we watched the fisherman pack up their catches and take off. Inside… Read More

You can’t visit Santa Cruz without surfing. It’s one of the most iconic surfing cities in the world. Even if you aren’t a surfer Cowells Beach is rated the #1 surf spot in the world for beginners. It’s also a popular spot for long boarders because it offers long easy waves to have fun with. It’s located right at the Santa Cruz Pier which makes it conveniently 

I had a big bug scare. I noticed a spider bite developing quickly into a blister. I didn’t see the spider but I knew we were in an area with some pretty nasty spiders. My left hand went completely numb as the swelling and blister grew. We put cold packs on it and although it was very sensitive to the touch it looked as though the worst was behind us. I woke… Read More

San Francisco is such an iconic American City. Coming into the city from the south our first stop was Fort Funston National Park. It blew us away how windy it was (get it?) There were quite a few hang gliders taking advantage of the powerful wind hitting the coast. They have a lot of paths to the ocean as well as horse paths.