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Monthly Archives: July 2015

I love to camp, Danielle loves to Glamp. We’ve worked out a happy medium by going to scenic areas where I can still have my wilderness adventures but she has the luxuries to make life on the road comfortable. We purchased a Toy Hauler that offers extreme comfort and also made a few of our own changes through products or ideas to give us the Glamping experience while we hit the open… Read More

Orlando is a popular place for families to vacation, and for good reason. There are countless tourist spots  that offer quality entertainment. It was interesting to bring our home to the area rather than do the traditional hotel style vacation. This RV Resort is so close to Disney that each night when the fireworks go off we could see them from the roof of our RV. We have chosen a doctor in… Read More

You don’t have to twist my arm to go shell collecting on a tropical island surrounded by emerald green water. It’s one of those activities that once you do it, it’s easy to be hooked for life. If you’ve never done it, well, you may not have even known that it was a thing to do… We’ve met RVers in different parts of the country who do this regularly. Here’s one experience… Read More

Horseshoe Bend is one of those Awe Inspiring places that causes you to be in the moment. What made our visit really unique is that we didn’t boondock here, we didn’t stay at a nearby campground, we stayed at Walmart where we had a million dollar view of the Colorado River with endless hiking right outside of our RV!

I’ve got a good friend from Peru who I’ve known for many years. He is living with his wife in Florida so they headed over to go camping with us for the weekend. We were excited because they were our first guests in the Heartland Road Warrior Toy Hauler.

My brother Mike and I use to head up camping in the Sierra’s every chance we had back when we lived in Southern California. I owned a marketing firm and adjusted my schedule so that I was ready for a last minute trip up to the Mountains. We also had company camping trips. Everyone was invited and we went to some incredible places like Yosemite, Cucamonga Peak, and Onion Valley. After he… Read More

One of the things we LOVE to do while RVing is to eat at unique places. It’s something we didn’t really think about before traveling the country in an RV. We didn’t consider ourselves foodies by any means. Of course we enjoyed good food, but we didn’t get overly excited over the prospect of a good meal (other than a Chili Cheese Burrito at Taco Bell, those things are epic). We have heard… Read More

We feel so blessed to be able to work remotely and travel across America. The freedom we enjoy in this country is incredible. The freedom to travel, to build a business, to spend time with the people you want, etc. The RV Life allows you to plan your life the way YOU want! We decided a few months ago we were going to check it off the bucket list to spend Independence Day… Read More