Monthly Archives: July 2016

I biked A LOT as a kid. As I “grew up” I stopped biking for YEARS until I moved to Newport Beach, CA. In Newport, it was really difficult to find parking on the Peninsula (Danielle always got the garage spot) and biking was something “everyone did” in this area. It made sense that we got Beach Cruisers and cruised all around. We’d even go Grocery Shopping on our bikes. Once we… Read More

Heading north up the West Coast from San Diego we made our next stop on our 6 month Border to Border trip in the Temecula area. This is a hot spot for RVers who want to enjoy Southern California in the winter! It has beautiful lakes, wine vineyards, and nearby the ocean! We stayed for 3 weeks and took countless day trips to explore the surrounding areas.        

Usually, when we get to a new Campground I ask the rangers, owners, and locals about places of interest in addition to my online research. When we were at the Pio Pico RV Resort this paid off big time. The ranger let us know about a secret hike from the campground that takes you to Ancient Ruins that have been virtually untouched over the years. 

We kicked off our 6 month Border to Border Surfing Trip in Sunny San Diego. It was the perfect place for us to get back on the road after having to hunker down in Minnesota due to a complicated pregnancy for Ella.  We spent a few months in the area exploring so here are a few of our favorite spots to visit on a San Diego RV Trip.

If you’re looking for an American Adventure near San Diego head over to the Olympic Training Facility in Chula Vista, CA. This is where some of the top athletes in the world train year round and it’s available to be toured by the public! Our good friends The Richards met us at the Road Warrior to hang out for awhile. Bill and I went for a bike ride on the trail behind the… Read More