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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Wow, Cape Henlopen State Park is a hidden gem! Located at the edge of Delaware staring at New Jersey this beautiful State Park has everything you need to get away whether it’s quiet camping, surfing at Herring Point, Biking near Gordon’s Pond, exploring the ww2 history at Fort Miles, or just relaxing on the Beach watching the Dolphins play near the Lighthouse.

Gordon’s Pond in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is a scenic area that offers a freshwater pond that goes right up to the ocean. It’s right in the path of the yearly bird migrations. There is a very well kept bike path that follows the pond shoreline.

Chicago is such a beautiful city and I personally have had some great memories here. It booms in the summer with people running, biking and getting into shape on the world famous Lake Shore Drive.  It’s a 15 mile drive that cuts between Lake Michigan and Downtown Chicago.

Minnesota has over 12,000 lakes. In fact Minnesota has more shore square footage than Florida, California, and Hawaii combined. National Geographic has ranked Northern Minnesota as the #1 island destination in the country.

Our trip to Ohio was random and spontaneous. Many times the best adventures aren’t planned and you just have to “go with it”. This was one of those adventures.

Yamping is Yard Camping. I googled the word to make sure that’s what it meant and all I could find is some guy named Yamping (I dare you to name your next kid Yamping). So I figured I would coin the phrase.

Every August Snowmobile fanatics show up for the annual Outlaw Grass Drags in Princeton, MN. The best way to describe the experience would be a fair full of snowmobile enthusiasts. The property is full of RVers who are camping out for the weekend. They have a live band to entertain along with sharing snowmobile stories.

With over 12,000 lakes in Minnesota, it boasts secluded lakes to enjoy the day. Borden lake is just outside of Garrison, MN which is known for Mille Lacs Lake. With Mille Lacs the main local attraction, the fairly large Borden Lake was left virtually empty which gave us a water playground all to ourselves.

I Love this city! Minneapolis is consistently highly ranked as one of the best adventure cities in America. It has more park footage than any other city. I use to live on the Mississippi on the north side of the city and worked downtown. I would canoe and fish on the river with a view of downtown.

As a kid I grew up skiing in this area. I’ll never forget one time when I was in 4th grade I was called to the office at school. When I got there I was surprised to see my dad was there, he told me to get my stuff cause he was pulling me out for the day to go skiing at Wild Mountain! I was so excited, I can remember it… Read More