Monthly Archives: August 2017

We spend each summer with Minnesota being a home base. My parents wanted to entice us to bring the grand kids around more and had RV Hookups installed on their 4 acres. It’s the perfect mix of quality family time and space when we want it. So after leaving Glacier National Park we headed on over to the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Where people are “Minnesota Nice”, you can find natural beauty,… Read More

I speak with a lot of RV Dealership owners and General Managers (GM) that tell me they haven’t taken social media marketing very serious cause they don’t understand it. They’re frustrated because they’re seeing diminishing returns on traditional marketing channels and they keep hearing about how effective Social Media is, but they don’t “get it”. I have heard an equal amount of people that tell me they’re frustrated cause they’re already “doing”… Read More

Let’s face it, we have to stay in shape (this is where my dad would remind me jokingly that round is a shape). You only get one life and you only get one body. The biggest challenge we’ve found with being healthy while traveling in an RV is routine. It just so happens that the biggest challenge of being healthy in a traditional sticks & bricks home is routine also. Fact: America is… Read More