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Camping is great, especially if Fido can come along!  Easier said than done though, right? If you’re a pet lover a camping trip just wouldn’t be complete without man’s best friend. But before you pack up the dog bowls and hit the road make sure you consider the following…

There is so much to experience in this great nation and RVing is the perfect avenue to see it. From hiking, biking, lakes, rivers, mountains, cities, or just relaxing. Here are just a few benefits of hitting the open road and jumping into the RV Life.

With so many amazing RV products out on the market it was hard to narrow it down.  Each individuals needs are different but this list should appeal to the masses.  So without further ado, below is a list of the TOP 10 RV must-haves:

The question isn’t which type of RV is best, but which is best for you? When we first looked at buying an RV I made the common mistake of thinking that the different “Classes” of RVs meant that you had to have a specific type of drivers license. Luckily because of the internet I was able to do some research and I learned what they were before I headed to the DMV… Read More

We have a special place in our hearts for Laguna Beach. It’s one of the most beautiful towns to visit in the country and also happens to be where we got married. So while we were staying nearby at the Thousand Trails RV Resort in Menifee, CA we made a day trip to re-live some memories and create some new ones.

Many RVers find themselves in scenic locations, after the trip when they go to show their friends and family the amazing places they visited they’re stuck trying to explain how it looked so much better in person. Have you had this happen to you, are you new to photography or would like to increase your skills? If so these tips are for you.

We recently went on an RV Adventure in the Southwest. We stayed in a variety of places during our trip but The Bauers RV Park had exactly what we wanted when we were looking for an RV Park on this trip.

How do you practice and stay sharp on your Rock Climbing when the weather isn’t ideal? Answer: Indoor Rock Climbing!!

A word for Left Lane Lingerers…. For the most part there are two types of drivers: those who get worked up about people driving slowly in the left lane, and those who do it all the time and are clueless that they’re upsetting everyone else and making the roads more dangerous. We call the latter group the Left Lane Lingerers and we see them all over the country. 

People RV for many different reasons; full timers, snow birds, weekend warriors and family vacationers. Unless you are trying to be “off the grid” with no technology, you may want to watch TV in the RV while relaxing in the evening.